Have you heard about surveillance programs?

Your notes should be safe on your smartphone, but threats are increasing all the time. The most significant risks are cyber-attacks, governments and week data protection laws. 

Your Notes deserve to be the Safest!

Safe Notes – A Secure, Encrypted Notepad.

Because Privacy Matters!

How Safe Notes manages the highest protection?

✔ latest official encryption standards (SHA-512 and AES-256)
✔ plus additionally built-in self developed encryption technologies
✔ checked by recognized security experts
✔ the least possible attack surface by using minimum code as possible
✔ testing and verifying
✔ no access by third-party providers or own employees

Download Safe Notes For Android To Restore Your Privacy.

The Tragic Story behind Secure Notes

Safe Notes – short announcement

Ingenious Features

✔ categorize your notes
✔ data stored in Netherlands
✔ inexpensive premium product
✔ unique design
✔ available on all conventional android devices
✔ coloring your notes
✔ access via fingerprint

Functions that are coming soon

✔ available in the web browser with synchronization
✔ two ways of authentication (OTP via mail and password)


Call us

You are welcome to give us feedback or ask for technical help with Safe Notes by phone. Our Founder Hauke will help you.

This is a German landline telephone number.

+49 4231 870 49 60

„I plan demos and other actions for more justice. It’s happened many times that corporations hacked my account to get information to hurt me. Since I have installed Safe Notes, I can finally sleep peacefully again.“